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Security + Remote Start
Getting a new car alarm or remote start system has never been this simple!

About Us


For over 10 years we have proudly served the Farmingdale area. Experience alone

is not what makes us successful. Our satisfied customers and word of mouth is

what keeps our business afloat. Once you start business with us, we consider you

part of our family and as a family we take care of our own. Generations of families

have known us and what we are all about. Service and quality is our number one

goal. We welcome and truly appreciate your business. Let us grow together as a


Our Vision


At Central sight and sound, we know the importance of your vehicle. With all the

time we are driving, why not add great sound, convenience of navigation or

streaming audio Bluetooth? When you are away from your ride, why would you not

have it secured with a reliable security system? Do you want your car or truck to

look like all the other ones out on the street or make it stand out a bit? If you

answered why on any of these questions, just call us or visit.

Our Mission


Driving on Long Island is not only a necessity, but a reflection of our culture and

lifestyle we live in. We all remember our first automobile, so let us be a part of that

memory of the shop that gave you all you wanted. Since 2006, we have been

servicing Long Island customers with Alarm systems, Tinting Windows, Auto

Accessories, Sound Systems and the latest trends for cars and trucks. We know you

work hard for your money and that is why we will work diligently to provide the

best product, installation and service. Our philosophy and goal is to work on every

customer’s car and truck as if it was our own. Help us serve you!

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